How do you fit a concrete spur?

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Should I repair or replace my wood fence


How do you fit a concrete spur?

Dig out a hole 600mm deep against the rotted post. Place the concrete repair spur in the hole and mark up the bolt holes. Remove the spur and drill the holes through the wooden post. Replace the concrete spur into the hole and bolt it to the wooden post.

How do you repair a concrete fence?

The injection process is the most common repair for cracks. Using a caulk gun, inject an epoxy or urethane resin into the crack – working from inside to outside and top to bottom. Epoxy is strong enough to repair the structural integrity of the wall.

Can you fix to concrete fence posts?

It is possible to drill into a concrete fence post. With the proper tools and approach, it’s easier than you might think. There are some necessary things to take into consideration before you start drilling, such as the type of drills you will need and the specifications of your posts.

Can I repair concrete fence posts?

An epoxy repair mortar would be the best option. Properly done repairs with this should last many years.

How deep should a concrete spur be repaired?

To fix the spur a hole must be dug out on one side of the fence approximately 2 feet in depth. A demolition bar may be required if the pervious concrete mix is hard to break when digging. Once the hole has been dug, check the bottom of the hole is level so the spur sits flat.

What is a concrete repair spur?

Concrete Repair Spurs are used to repair broken or rotted fence posts or they can also be used for bolting posts or timber frame work above the ground.

How long do concrete post last?

Concrete is as sturdy and durable a building material as you’ll find. With just a minimal level of maintenance, concrete fence posts can last for around 25 years. However, they are not immune to wear and tear. Over time, wind and rain can cause concrete posts to chip and crack.

Can you glue wood to concrete posts?

CT1 is the ultimate construction adhesive and sealant with a phenomenal bond to almost all materials, but in particular for these. CT1 is a unique hybrid polymer with no solvents in its makeup. It will remain incredibly flexible, making it the perfect choice for Sticking Wood to Concrete.

How do you fix a leaning concrete fence post?

Secure your fence post so that it stands straight and check it with a level. Brace your post by nailing stakes in the ground to keep it steady. Pour in a new cement footing or just refill the hole if you do not use cement footings for your fence.

Do concrete fence posts crack?

I had a problem with wet cast concrete posts and gravel boards cracking on the truck and even when moving them to erect fencing. It’s possible to physically break both by force. Concrete gets stronger with age and I suspect yours were recently cast and erected whilst young.

How do you remove a concrete fence post UK?

It’s probably 18-24′ in the ground and set in concrete. If you do need to remove it, dig down one side of it with a narrow spade (or better still a trenching tool) and lever it into the hole you’ve just made – sufficient to loosen it enough to remove. It will be heavy – try to set up some form of lever to lift it out.

Are concrete Spurs good?

In some situations they are the best answer if you have a run of feather edge fencing with post that are rotten it is the cheapest option, rather than replacing the fence and if done properly the fence should last a lifetime. The only reason people do not use them is the look and they take up some room.

How long do concrete Spurs last?

Concrete spurs last for around 25 years compared to 10 to 15 years for treated spruce. If untreated the spruce may need replacing in under 5 years. Once they begin to rot they also start to pose a safety risk if not replaced soon.

How deep should a concrete fence spur be?

Lawsons experts recommend you should dig a hole which has a depth of 2 ft (24 in / 600mm) to ensure you have a stable timber or concrete fence post.

How do you use a repair spike?

Just push the flat of the repair spike against the post and with a hefty hammer knock it or concrete into the ground then use the 7 screws provided to screw to the post and your done!

How do you clean concrete garden posts?

Detergent and water makes a perfect mixture when washing concrete. It’s readily available and effective! There are also some commercial products you can use. You want to choose something gentle and do not hand-wash unsealed surfaces.

How deep should you bury concrete fence posts?

Dig your hole to the correct depth, allowing for the height of the fence panel and the gravel board. As a rough guide the hole should be a minimum 1/3 the height of the fence, so a 6 foot fence would need an 8 foot post in a 2 foot deep hole. Similarly, the hole should be three times the diameter of the post.

Does capping fence posts prevent rot?

The Importance of Post Caps The tops of the post will absorb all the water rather than the whole post, which leads to mildew, mold and eventually cause your post to rot. Moreover, when no post cap is installed, when exposed to sun and wind, the top of your fence post can dry out the wood and can lead to cracking.

What is a godfather post?

Used to support or repair timber posts. Each godfather has 3 holes to allow easy & secure fixing to the timber post. Always allow for 2ft to be sunk into the ground. Godfathers are traditionally secured using Coach Screws, going through the godfather and screwing into the timber post.

Can you extend concrete fence posts?

The cost effective solution is to use fence post extensions, considering that the concrete fence posts are still in good condition. Simply slide the oversized panels into the existing concrete posts and then slot the post extension inbetween the panels onto the concrete post.

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