What is the best month to plant apple trees?

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What is the best month to plant apple trees


What is the best month to plant apple trees?

The best time to plant apple trees is in the spring, like all other fruit trees, though the fall can work with the understanding that there are risks if there’s a harsh winter ahead. Don’t focus on frost dates in the early spring and late winter.

Where do apple trees grow best?

Apple trees thrive when growing in a location that receives full sun and has a well-drained, fertile soil. Full sun translates to at least six- to eight-hours of sunlight during the growing season.

How long does it take for the new apple tree to produce fruit?

Apple trees: 4–8 years If you’ve got the room and the patience, a standard apple tree can grow over 9 metres tall and produce fruit in 4–8 years. Semi-dwarf and dwarf apple trees don’t grow as tall but still produce standard sized apples.

Do I need 2 apple trees to get fruit?

Apples are self-unfruitful. Plant at least two different apple tree varieties within 50 feet of one another for a good fruit set. Some apple varieties, such as Golden Delicious, will produce a crop without cross-pollination from a second variety.

Do apple trees need full sun?

As with most fruit, apple trees produce best when grown in full sun, which means six or more hours of direct summer sunlight daily. Apple trees need well-drained soil, but should be able to retain some moisture. Light- to medium-texured soils are best.

Are apple trees hard to grow?

Sadly, fruit trees also have a down side because they experience pest and disease problems, poor production, and nutrient deficiencies. And growing apple trees is notoriously difficult. When growing apple trees, there are so many potential problems to contend with. Homegrown apples can be wormy, bitter and unappealing.

How much space does an apple tree need?

Plant apple trees 20 to 25 feet apart from one another. While some cultivars are self-fruitful, most require cross-pollination between two different varieties that bloom at the same time. Make it easy for the bees who help to give you those delicious, crisp apples and space them no farther than 100 feet apart.

Can I plant an apple tree in my backyard?

It’s fun and easy to grow apples in your own backyard. Follow the tips below to ensure beautifully grown apples! The key to successfully growing apples is to pick the right spot. All apples do best in full sun and moist, well-drained soil.

How long do apple trees live?

For instance, standard apple and pear trees can easily live for over 50 years, whereas dwarf and semi-dwarf trees may only live for 15-25 years. Dwarf and semi-dwarf trees tend to reach bearing age sooner, which can benefit the home gardener, but they will also reach the end of their productive life sooner.

How do I know if my apple tree will bear fruit?

The blooms are key to apple production. If your tree doesn’t have many blossoms or they don’t stay on the tree for at least 10 days, your might not have many apples. The blossoms must be cross-pollinated by another variety of apple tree, or by a crabapple tree, to produce viable fruit.

Can a pear tree pollinate an apple tree?

It is best to pollinate fruit trees of the same genus with each other — apples with apples, or pears with pears — but pears can cross-pollinate with apples, as long as both trees bloom at the same time.

How tall do apple trees grow?

Dwarf apple trees tend to grow to a height of about four to eight feet, while the full-size trees grow significantly larger, up to about twenty or thirty feet tall. There are advantages and disadvantages to either size. Apple trees need full-sun conditions to thrive.

What kind of apple tree should I plant?

Semi-dwarf or half-standard apple tree will grow to 15 to 20 feet tall if not pruned and will grow as wide. Semi-dwarf apple trees are commonly pruned to 12 to 15 feet tall and wide. The trunk will grow to about 4 feet tall. Semi-dwarf apple trees should be planted 12 to 15 feet apart in rows 15 to 20 feet apart.

How much water does an apple need?

Apples require around 20 inches (1.7 ac-ft) of water during the growing season, meaning supplemental water from an irrigation ditch or a well must be applied (Handley, 2018). The correct volume and frequency of irrigation is important to the overall health of the trees.

Can I grow apple trees in shade?

Apple trees need sunlight to produce healthy fruit with good colour and flavour. Branches exposed to sunlight produce bigger fruit than branches exposed to less sunlight. When branches are shaded, they set smaller apples and of lesser quality.

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